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BESTEK 8-Outlet 12 Feet Extension Cord Power Strip with USB

This product was first sold on Amazon on July 9, 2017, It has been sold for more than 4 years. Now it has about 2009 ratings, and it has an average review score of 4.8 (max review is 5) now.

8 AC outlets + 4 smart USB charging ports. The power board provides 8 AC outlets (1875W/15A) and 4 USB charging ports (total 5V/4.2A/21W) supporting a wide voltage range (100~250V) sufficient for PC, tablet, smartphone, laptop, camera, cell phone, iPad, battery, fax, audio, e-reader, Bluetooth headset, speaker, etc. BESTEK desktop charging station with 4 smart IQ-aware USB ports automatically detects and self-adjusts the current while charging different USB-powered devices.

Surge, lightning, and overload protection

In the event of a power overload, the switch will automatically trip to protect your equipment. The top switch is designed to be completely loose to ensure it doesn't get stuck after extended use. You can turn it off when not in use - with the red on/off switch. The surge protector has handled multiple devices plus high voltage products at the same time and has never tripped. The incoming wire supplying the busbar is soldered to copper. Surge protection is provided by a number of metal oxide varistors that will "short out" if there is a high voltage surge, preventing the surge from reaching the equipment plugged into the power strip.

Environmentally friendly and fire-resistant material with a flame retardant capacity of 1382℉. There are notches on the back for those ambitious people who like to mount these on the wall. And the strips have two holes on the back so that they can be hung up when needed.

FCC and ETL Certified

FCC and ETL certified, UL listed 3 holes grounded plug power cord. 14AWG thicker 12ft 3-hole power cord to avoid overheating when using high power appliances, abrasion/shock resistant. The velcro strap is provided to keep things neat and tidy when the cable is too long. The keyhole slot on the back of the power strip gives you the flexibility to mount on the wall or baseboard.


  • 8 AC outlets + 4 smart USB
  • FCC & ETL Certificates
  • safety guaranteed
  • 18-month warranty
  • expensive


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