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BESTEK 8-Outlet 12Ft Extension Cord Power Strip

8 AC outlets + 4 smart USB charging ports. The power board provides 8 AC outlets (1875W/15A) and 4 USB charging ports (total 5V/4.2A/21W) supporting a wide voltage range (100~250V), enough for PC, tablets, smartphones, laptops, cameras, cell phones, iPad, battery, fax, audio, e-reader, Bluetooth headset, speaker, etc. BESTEK desktop charging station with 4 smart IQ-aware USB ports automatically detects and self-adjusts the current while charging different USB-powered devices.
Advanced multi-protection safety features. Light switch with integrated circuit breaker overload protection for all outlets, so your devices, electronics and appliances will be protected from voltage fluctuations, surges and lightning strikes, etc.. His power strip features a new PC + ABS alloy plastic housing with 1382℉ flame retardant material and high conductivity integrated phosphor copper wire, high-end solid capacitors, and Multiple built-in advanced circuitry for full protection.
Widely spaced AC outlets. Two widely spaced AC receptacles accommodate large odd power adapters, chargers, and plugs, the multi-directional layout of receptacles, additional receptacles facing to the side so they don't partially block their adjacent plugs, individually spaced receptacles on each side are perfect for inserting items that take up more space, and trident plugs that are well spaced.
Other notable advantages. FCC and ETL certified UL listed three-hole grounded plug power cord. 14AWG thicker 12' 3-hole power cord to avoid overheating when using high power appliances, abrasion/shock resistant. Velcro straps are provided to keep things neat and tidy, and its cable is too long.
Reliable warranty for what you get. Any problem or dissatisfaction with your purchase, supported by 24H x 7D technical and friendly customer service, BESTEK guarantees you a refund within 180 days, and an 18-month product replacement warranty.

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