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Update on 2022-04-29 12:58:02
BESTEK 300Watt Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter specification,price & user manual pdf free download!

Current Title BESTEK 300Watt Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter DC 12V to AC 110V Car Plug Inverter Adapter Power Converter with 4.2A Dual USB Charging Ports and 2 AC Outlets Car Charger, ETL Listed
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Avg Reviews 4.5
Weight 2.33 pounds
Date First Available 2019-12-13


  • BESTEK 300W Pure Sine Wave Automotive Inverter Its output waveform is the same as the AC power waveform from the main grid, providing a smoothly varying sine wave for sensitive electronic devices supplied by the power company. It is suitable for off-grid systems with low THD, low wear and tear, and high inductive load capacity. Low interference to radio, communication and precision equipment. Also recommended d Proposed by most cordless tool manufacturers, pure sine wave inverters are used to ensure long battery life, 'This is an inverter that converts DC power from a car battery to AC power for use in its power range. It can be powered from the battery via a cigarette lighter plug or by clipping an alligator battery clip directly onto the car battery. Plug it into a 12v cigarette lighter outlet to provide continuous DC to AC power, 2 AC outlets to operate any 110v device and 2 USB ports to automatically detect devices to provide the fastest charging speed with up to 2.4 amps/4.2 amps max per port
  • Sine wave inverter with good thermal protection sensor, aluminum housing with some corrugations, unique vents and built-in fan that turns on when there is no any load or when the inverter gets hot after powering up. It has 2 x 40 amp/32V external replaceable fuses for protection when connected to the battery, easily accessible/replaceable from the back of the inverter; when connected to the cigarette lighter, it will use the 15 amp fuse specified for your car.' ,' isolated voltage perfectly protects your device from overvoltage, undervoltage, overheating, overload, reverse polarity, short circuit. It will not drain the battery because of the under-voltage protection point. When the load exceeds 300W, the inverter automatically senses the overload condition and turns off the AC power. You will need to turn the power off/on to reset the overload condition indicated by the flashing red color. The switch is only available for trident plugs.' ,' 12V plugs are spring loaded and fit snugly into the receptacle. 12 volt cigarette lighter plugs do not provide 300 watts of power and car batteries require alligator clips. If you are going to plug it into a car cigarette lighter, you should keep the power below 150 watts, as that is how most car fuses are set up. You get 1xBESTEK 300W pure sine inverter, 1xUser manual, 2 battery clip cables, 1 12V cigarette lighter plug cable, 2 spare fuses.