BESTEK 6-Outlet Round Power Strip


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Update on 2022-04-29 14:05:41
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Current Title BESTEK 6-Outlet Round Power Strip with 4 USB Ports Desktop Charging Station, 6 Ft Long Extension Power Cords, 220 Joules, Ultra-Compact for Dorm Room, Bedside, Cruise Ship,Black
Total Reviews 1642
Avg Reviews 4.8
Size 6.4 x 6.4 x 1.6 inches
Weight 1.3 pounds
Model number MRJ6008-BK
Date First Available 2017-05-27
Manufacture BESTEK


  • All in one, USB and conventional plugs all in one unit, USB connection and charging and the charger that comes with your phone or ipad. the USBu2019s is a fast adaptive charging 2.4A for charging devices without taking up an outlet. The angled receptacle allows you to plug in multiple bulky 120v/12v adapter plugs with surge protection.
  • The sleek round design takes up less space and is very convenient, the round base doesn't tip over when inserting multiple items, unlike narrow power strips, is heavy enough to keep it stable on a table and doesn't slide off the table easily, the shape really helps organize through the plug, and is more compact, portable, and lighter weight than long poles, perfect for travel.' ,' sockets are set up to provide plenty of room for larger, oddly shaped plugs, extending charging capacity and enabling more items to be plugged in from a single socket. The plugs are separated so you can put in different sized plugs and utilize them all. The round design is better than the long bar design, providing plenty of space between sockets and the wires don't get tangled and get rid of clu uh.' ,' the unit feels heavy in the hand and is made of durable materials with a heavy-duty power cord and ample sockets. The plug and USB cable fit snugly and are evenly spaced. It looks modern, it's against the wall behind our couch because it also has a 90-degree flat plug into the wall, and it has three forks in the extension so it's very secure and durable. the small cover for the USB port is perfect for keeping dusk and debris out of the port
  • the switch allows you to reset in the event of a power surge or power failure. It has a lighted switch to know when it's on and you can turn it off to save energy consumption. havenu2019 has not noticed any buzzing/interference from other strips. It's easy to tuck into a corner and can be charged without moving.